Whether you realize me at this point, you know I'm a sucker for the wood area of the thrift store. Potential flourishes thus do the 80's heart patterns! haha! The final time, I demonstrated to you a heap of tasks I was endeavoring to refresh. Today is about that bread box. It's going to spin into an upcycled charging station. Goodness, no doubt! To obtain you up to speed, here is the heap being referred to. We have a clothing canister, a side table receptacle, and a bread container. Notice the pattern here? Whether you missed what I did with the side table canister, you can see the final product HERE. I'll be sharing the clothing receptacle next, but today is about that bread box.

In this previous post, I've shared what ought to be possible to those heart shapes whether you aren't charmed with them. However, this time I'm tied in with grasping the hearts. This bread box is fit as a fiddle but somewhat dull. It could utilize some impulsive notion and included capacity. I've built these upcycled charging stations in past posts, so this isn't various to me. Everyone is various. In like style, I thought I'd share another method for reproducing a vintage find.

For those of you, that appreciate a video of idiosyncratic Lil' ole' me building, or out and out prefer to see the progression by-ventures in real to life, I've built a video instructional exercise underneath. Something else, track with to create this task yourself. To make sure you know, you need not be restricted to utilizing a bread box. Anything that will fit an electrical extension or your gadgets works. Likewise, you can see this flavor box I made as an upcycled charging station. Bread boxes work best since they can hold everything interior.

This is what you'll have to begin:


  • wooden box – bread box liked
  • wood scraps
  • screws
  • pop medium
  • electrical extension
  • heated glue sticks
  • paint or stain


  •  drill
  •  boring tool – you can utilize a Forstner bit, or opening saw, or spade bit
  •  paint brush
  •  cordless heated glue weapon
  •  hair dryer

Stage 1

To start with, I utilized my drill and Forstner bit to create an opening simply above the base of within the bread box. Ensure you measure and imprint with the goal that you don't bore into the baseboard.

Stage 2

Next, dry fit your electrical extension interior your box to ensure it fits. For included capacity, I like to create a resting place for the gadgets. A basic bit of scrap woodworks. Simply stick in and tack down with two or three brads.

Stage 3

Now, this is the place you can play everywhere with it. For my undertaking, I needed to build a vintage time-worn look. To do that I connected a snap medium utilizing my Square Brush and let it fix.

Stage 4

Presently it's the ideal opportunity for our upcycled charging station to obtain a few lovin' outwardly. You can add total the detail however much you might want on this part. I have the energy for vintage typography, as found in these post posts, so that was my ultimate objective. I utilized my Fan Brush to apply a substantial layer of paint. Whether you're utilizing the snap applying one overwhelming layer of paint is key instead of two layers. What's additional, to create further, increasingly obvious snapping, utilize a hairdryer to fix the paint.

Stage 5

This subsequent stage in our upcycled charging station is totally discretionary but absolutely fun. The typography I utilized really fell off of a vintage bread box I recently sold in my shop. I snapped my photo and edited it so I had recently the content to utilize. At that point, I utilize my exchange strategy to finish the rest. I portray it all in my video as well.

Stage 6

Remain going to do on our upcycled bread box charging station is to include the electrical extension. You could utilize screws to mount it, but I like to utilize snare and circle (otherwise known as. Velcro). It creates it simple to detach whether the need is and a mess less object to introduce. For included security, I utilize my craft glue firearm to apply some paste to my officially cement Velcro. It guarantees the Velcro won't fall off when I detach the electrical extension.

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