How to Drill Drainage Holes for Houseplants

Have you at any point been to a thrift store and discovered the perfect vintage vessel for one of your plants but it doesn't have waste? Did you locate an astounding hand made a pot on Etsy… no waste?! I can assist you with that! Today you will figure out How to Drill Waste Holes for Houseplants. It's not hard at all and requires not many items.

Let's discuss seepage for a minute. I am a FIRM adherent that you should have seepage holes for every one of your plants. I don't have the foggiest idea if this is because I live in a territory where it's wet and moist most of the year but if I don't have waste holes for my houseplants then they WILL decay. It's gross, I don't care for it and I feel awful! If the water can't deplete, at that point you risk root spoil which can prompt fungus gnats and everything just goes down slope from that point. Before you disclose to me that I should just place rocks in the base of my pot before the soil… I've done that! It doesn't work (for me). I've had no success doing that! Which leads us back to the reason you're here. Let's figure out How to Drill Seepage Holes For Houseplants!

You will need

  • A vessel in need of seepage (earthenware, stoneware, ceramic, dirt, plastic, and so forth.)
  • A hole saw (I used this one here) There are different sizes envisioned at the very end of this post to make it easy for you!
  • A drill (This is the one I have)
  • Some water
  • Scrap cardboard

 Note: I've done this multiple occasions with different materials. I have never had a pot break (while drilling) but that doesn't mean it can't occur! Please don't attempt this with anything that might be expensive, or sentimental or that you can't risk breaking. In addition, read the directions on the hole saw bundle to see which materials they suggest using/not using. It's always a smart thought to wear safety goggles!

Let's begin

 Place some cardboard on a hard surface (like back deck or concrete, not your lounge area table) and flip your vessel so the base is looking up. Poor a small measure of water in the region where you will drill the hole. The territory needs to stay wet the whole time. Let sit for a minute. Append the hole saw bit to your drill.

 You may need someone to hold the vessel for you but you can most likely do it all alone, just be careful. IMPORTANT Start the drill before you really contact the drill bit to the vessel. Get it up to a medium speed. Once it's at a medium speed slowly start to drill straight down (my husband says "opposite"… whatever). Once the drill has made an indent, slowly shake the drill forward and backward and side and side. This will support the process.

 Once the drill is part of the way through, you can stop and add some more water if you sense that your zone is getting dry. Proceed with your drill at medium speed until it breaks through the opposite side (is that song stuck in your mind now? The pleasure is all mine!) At the very end, it will get through before long so ensure your hard surface is not something you care about, the drill may hit it. What's more, can I just gloat for a minute? I'm drilling with my correct hand and capturing with my left. Well, that is ability folks… or stupidity… whatever it's cool!

 That is it! Quite simple, correct? If you're in any way similar to me, you will meander around town searching for anything you can drill holes in. Haha! But seriously, your plants will bless your heart! Another fun thing is drilling three holes in the top sides of pots, tying some jute through the holes and making a hanging pot!

 Presently locate another plant for your new pot! I'm planting this Monstera Siltepecana. It's the newest Monstera in my gathering. 

Special thanks to Bryson Mosley for giving me the plan to drill waste holes in the first place! Starting with one plant geek then onto the next, I can't thank you enough! I've saved so a lot of cash on thrifting pots AND presumably saved a lot of plants from a spoiling passing as well!

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